There is a lot to report on the development of edible insects. We would like to tell you  what we are involved in as an organization. We hope it will appeal to you so that you will contact us to conduct business.

27 april 2021

Naar aanleiding van het nieuws dat meelwormen binnenkort worden goedgekeurd in Europa is dit leuke item gemaakt bij Het Groene Oosten.

We danken onze meelwormenkweker Schanekamp, samen optrekken om lekkere, gezonde en duurzame producten op de markt brengen is geweldig om te doen.

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Eet smakelijk!!

Edible insects: Still the most promising food source for the near future!

November 2020 by Ger van der Wal

Although it may not seem likely to many of you, edible insects will soon make their way into the food industry. I already proclaimed this in 2009 and experienced firsthand how difficult it is to introduce a new food source to humanity. Apart from the acceptance to eat an insect, we have also had to deal with legislation, a bumpy road to the horizon. The fact that I am now writing this positive article about insects may surprise some who know me better. Nevertheless, I still wholeheartedly believe that we are entering a glorious future by embracing this new food and finding applications within our diet.

Recently I started working as a project manager and business developer at Distribugs in IJsselmuiden. I can once again be at the cradle of this new industry, now from a B2B perspective. Where in the past I mainly tried to persuade the consumer to eat insects, I now try to persuade companies to develop tasty, healthy and affordable products.

Insects in the supermarkets.

I have already seen many products come and go, the Retail still has to get used to this new category. I hope that the attention does not weaken, that new products continue to find their way to the shelves in the stores. If we as food producers are able to make tasty, affordable and sustainable foods that are also very healthy, then repeat sales will no longer be an issue. I challenge supermarkets to stimulate further development of this sector by making retail space available. If it were up to me, we fill that place with delicious dishes and recipes.

Let’s take Switzerland as an example, this country has been open to insects from May 2017. The Migros, as one of the largest cooperative supermarkets, sells dried crickets, mealworms and grasshoppers. By giving a lot of attention, these products have acquired a permanent place in the range. We are also very happy to be able to supply raw materials to Simply Bugs, they sell burgers and balls at Migros Switzerland and in selected supermarkets in Germany.

Our target audience is anyone who is open to trying something new. We see insects as an additional food source, which must earn its place. That starts with mainly making tasty and affordable products, it is up to us (the new sector) to do this in a sustainable way. Chain responsibility is enormous to ensure transparency, traceability and availability. With everything in me I will contribute to the development of the insect sector. I thank Distribugs BV for the trust and the opportunity to make my dream come true.

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Ger van der Wal